Five-Star Commercial Cleaning

Are you alarmed by the increase of the number of employees getting ill? Can you still remember the last time that you engaged in janitorial service? If you cannot even recall the exact date, then it is high time to call on Clean Right Co.. We deliver excellent commercial cleaning services so that you and your employees can redirect your attention to more important tasks that can increase your sales or profits. This has made us popular among the entrepreneurs in Spokane, WA.

Window Cleaning – We offer this basic janitorial service because the windows are easily seen by anybody passing by your office. Clean windows can give your patrons the impression that you are keen to details. So in this commercial cleaning project, our first step would be to check the weather. This may seem to be a strange thing to do considering the task at hand, but it is critical to the success of our work. Choosing to do this work on an incredibly hot sunny day will leave streaks on your window since the cleaning solution will immediately dry up. Thus, it will leave that soapy residue that you do not want on your window.

On the window cleaning day, we would get rid of the cobwebs and the loose dirt on the windows and frames. We would use a brush with soft bristles to do this task. We would also include the window hinges, sills, and tracks. Once done, we would line the windowsills with an absorbent cloth to catch any drips. We are now ready to clean your windows.

Desk Cleaning – Another reason why we have earned the trust of numerous entrepreneurs in Spokane, WA is that we would ensure that all desks are cleaned. As a preferred commercial cleaning provider since 2002, we have learned that your desk has more dangerous microorganisms than a recently cleaned toilet bowl, so we do not just aim to get rid of the clutter on your desk. We want to sanitize it for you.

If you need a reliable janitorial service provider, you should immediately consult Clean Right Co.. We can clean your office so that you and your staff can focus on more productive things. All you have to do is call us at (509) 534-3343, and we will do the rest.